About Us

"A Little School With Big Ideas"

At Moggerhanger Primary School, we recognize the unique individuality of every child. Our learning environment is crafted to be stimulating and exciting, ensuring all students feel safe and cherished. Child safety and welfare are paramount, and we have unwavering standards in place to uphold these principles.

Affiliated with Sandy Secondary School, we are deeply rooted in our Four Core Values: Courage, Excellence, Determination, and Inspiration. These values are intricately woven into our school’s fabric. They resonate in our assemblies, PSHE lessons, and daily interactions, forming the bedrock that supports our students as they grow into confident and well-prepared individuals, ready to make positive contributions to our community and beyond.

Our aspirations for our students are simple yet profound. We want them to truly relish the process of learning, to cultivate a sense of self-discipline paired with effective teamwork, and to be ever-curious, always questioning and reasoning. We emphasize the importance of creativity in both thought and action, and we teach the value of respect for oneself and for others, appreciating the contributions of both contemporary society and those who came before us. These goals are consistently revisited and reflected upon in our staff and governor meetings, and we instill them in our students through our PSHE and SMSC teachings.

Our curriculum is a tapestry of rich and varied experiences, aiming to provide students with hands-on, stimulating activities. While English and Mathematics remain central to our teaching, subjects such as Geography, History, Science, and Computing broaden the horizon. We also introduce our students to the realms of Art, Design and Technology, and French becomes a part of their learning journey by Key Stage 2. The collaboration with Sandy Secondary School further amplifies the learning experience, granting our students access to specialist resources, teachings, and state-of-the-art physical education facilities.

When it comes to academic prowess, Moggerhanger stands tall. Our students consistently meet or surpass local and national expectations in foundational subjects like Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. We took immense pride in our 2019 results for Year 1 Phonics Screening. And while our pioneering Year 6 batch couldn’t sit for the national Key Stage 2 SATS due to the 2020 pandemic, their transition to Sandy Secondary School showcased commendable achievements across core subjects.

In essence, Moggerhanger might be small in stature, but our visions, principles, and accomplishments speak volumes. Dive deeper into our ethos and values by exploring our website.

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