British Values

Promoting Fundamental British Values at Moggerhanger Primary School

Moggerhanger Primary School is dedicated to cultivating its students into compassionate, democratic, responsible, and tolerant adults who positively impact both the UK and the broader world. The school emphasizes creativity, uniqueness, open-mindedness, and respect for all, both within the school environment and in the larger community. A significant part of their education focuses on ingraining the fundamental British Values, with special emphasis on subjects like RE, SMSC, and PSHE. These lessons enable students to internalize and live out these values while also addressing and rectifying any extremist views.

Moggerhanger Primary School plays a pivotal role in its village community and the neighboring regions, acknowledging the diverse and dynamic fabric of the UK. The school is vigilant against any form of intimidation, discrimination, or radicalization, ensuring that its students and staff are protected from undue influences. In line with its commitment to equal opportunities, the school assures no discrimination based on factors like faith, ethnicity, gender, or financial status.

The UK government mandates the teaching of core ‘British Values’ in all schools, defined as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance towards different faiths and beliefs. These values are the bedrock of Moggerhanger Primary School’s curriculum and everyday interactions.

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