Executive Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Moggerhanger Primary School

Moggerhanger Primary School warmly welcomes new students and their families. Recently graded as “Good” by OFSTED, this small, rural school near Sandy is characterized by its innovative approach to education and its emphasis on individualized learning.

The school offers smaller class sizes, ensuring personalized attention for every child. This focus on individual growth makes the well-being of each student central to the school’s mission. The environment at Moggerhanger is nurturing, aiming to create lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

Success at Moggerhanger is a collaborative effort. It’s built on the strong partnership between students, parents/guardians, staff, and the broader community. The institution is deeply committed to maintaining a standard of excellence in education. This is evident in the high student achievement rates, the outstanding teaching staff, and a curriculum that adeptly balances engagement, challenge, and personalization.

A defining feature of the school is its values-driven approach. The school firmly believes that this foundation is integral to promoting good behavior and fostering a positive school ethos. Further enhancing its unique character, the school is nestled in a picturesque setting. This has been beautifully integrated into the students’ learning experience through Forest School lessons. These lessons not only strengthen the students’ bond with nature but also significantly contribute to their overall well-being.

Safety is paramount at Moggerhanger Primary School. There is a profound emphasis on safeguarding the welfare of children, and this expectation extends to all members of the school community.

In conclusion, the principal is enthusiastic about forging partnerships with parents and guardians. The shared goal is to ensure that every student not only benefits from the positive learning environment but also thrives and reaches their full potential.

Karen Hayward, Executive Principal

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