Moggies Club

Moggies Club: Nurturing Creativity & Learning Beyond School Hours

Moggies Breakfast Club and After School Club is an esteemed initiative by Moggerhanger Primary School. We’re dedicated to providing top-tier wraparound care both before and after school hours for children aged 3 to 11 who are students of Moggerhanger Primary School.

Our mission embodies our ethos: “We strive to curate a nurturing space for every child in our care. Our environment is not only safe but abundant in vibrant and thrilling play opportunities that bolster learning and creativity.”

In our breakfast and after school programs, we immerse children in activities that merge fun with learning, foster bonds of friendship across various age brackets, cultivate a spirit of collaboration, and infuse creativity and joy in an environment anchored by a team of dedicated and proficient professionals. We also uphold an inclusive framework ensuring equal opportunities for every child and their families.

It’s essential to note the significant impact of quality wraparound childcare on a child’s trajectory. A study by NatCen highlighted that children engaging in organized sports and after-school clubs often exhibit enhanced academic and social competencies. Especially among underprivileged children, those attending after-school clubs often surpass their counterparts in academic assessments. These children score notably higher in KS2 assessments in English, Maths, and Science by the end of primary education. Moreover, children who actively participate in organized sports and physical exercises during their primary education tend to have superior social, emotional, and behavioral skills. This observation remains consistent even when considering various socio-economic factors.

Our Moggies After School Club offers a dynamic monthly timetable filled with exhilarating opportunities. We’re proactive in our approach, often seeking feedback from our young members and collaborating with the School Council to ensure a diverse range of activities that cater to their interests. If you ever have any recommendations or ideas for our clubs, please feel free to get in touch with the school office.

Each month, parents will receive an email detailing our event timetable, and all the events will be open for online bookings at their convenience. For those interested in a deeper dive into our operational guidelines, our Moggies Before and After School Club Policy is readily available on our Policies page.

For a quick peek into our past activities and programs, we’ve previously organized a variety of events that showcase our commitment to fostering creativity and learning.

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