Our School Rules

At Moggerhanger Primary School, every individual, regardless of their role, is treated with the utmost respect and valued for their unique contributions. We believe in fostering a nurturing environment where unconditional warmth and consideration are the norm. Our staff embodies the principles we advocate, showcasing behavior characterized by calmness, politeness, sensitivity, and responsibility. Our primary goal is to kindle a passion for learning in our students, helping them recognize the significance of their choices in shaping their behavior and attitudes. Mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities, and we provide a safe space for children to make, understand, and grow from them. In addition, we emphasize the importance of interpersonal relationships, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, helping children articulate their feelings, manage their behavior, and empathize with others. Our foundation rests on three fundamental rules, known as “The Three Bees”: Be ready, Be respectful, Be safe. These rules, further elaborated for lessons and playtimes, are shared with the entire school community to ensure collective understanding. For a comprehensive overview of our behavioral standards, our Behaviour Policy is available on the Policies page.

Upholding Values and Positive Behaviors at Moggerhanger Primary School

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