Vision Statement

Vision and Commitment: Shaping the Future at Moggerhanger Primary School

At Moggerhanger Primary School, we are passionate about the education, wellbeing and safety of our children. This coming year, as in all the years before it, we will strive for constant growth and improvement with the intention of making the children’s time in school inspiring, exciting and purposeful.

The children will continue to be placed at the heart of all the decisions that we make and the actions we take. We believe that this approach will enable every child to understand the importance of learning and instil in them a love for learning that is life-long. We believe that in order for all of our children to reach their full potential we must maintain our high expectations with regards to their academic development from their time in the Early Years through to the end of Year Six and beyond, as well as the social, emotional, physical and behavioural aspects of their growth; we will strive to ensure that there is fair and equal opportunity for all, regardless of ages and stages of development.

We want our school to continue to be a place where everyone’s individuality, personal achievements and strengths are identified and celebrated; a place where children feel happy, safe, included and able to learn. We wish to offer an outstanding and innovative primary school provision that positively challenges and supports all children to the end of Year 6, instilling the skills and enthusiasm needed for further success in their secondary education and future lives.

We will achieve this through a fully inclusive creative curriculum which will present the children with learning experiences that will meet their individual needs whilst motivating them, promoting independence, filling them with confidence and enabling them to flourish; they will also be able to approach new problems and challenges with positivity, resilience and self-belief.

To further support the wishes detailed above, we also want to offer the children an ever-improving and modernised learning environment that makes it possible to offer a current and ever-evolving curriculum, which will include a continued focus on Computing and the safe use of our new technology at an age appropriate level.

We aim to provide physical surroundings that feel welcoming and enhance the children’s learning. This will be helped further by continuing to support children to make positive relationships with a wide range of adults and their peers; a place where all parties feel respected, cared for and listened to and universal values are promoted and cherished.

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